Living For This Bodysuit

Nov 2 Post 4.jpg

Hello! Remember when I posted about the FashionXHouston event that I went to and how they have different vendors out with their product? Well this brand, Basal, was there with their bodysuits and I was really interested in them so I ordered one to try it out. I have actually purchased a couple of bodysuits recently because they really are trending and I actually love the tucked-in top look. The bodysuits I have purchased are good but nothing crazy to rave about. THIS BODYSUIT IS SOMETHING TO RAVE ABOUT! It is so comfortable and it is actually supportive and hugs in all the right places. I showed how I can dress it up with heels or dress it down with tennis shoes. I have also worn it with skinny jeans and heels for going out and I just love every way I have paired it because it is so easy. The company sells 5 different styles and in a handful of colors from different shades of nude, white, black, and grey. I think I need every style now! I'm hooked!